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Abi and Christian’s wedding

What a fantastic day!  I was lucky enough to photograph Abi and Christian’s vintage theme wedding a couple of weeks ago, it was brilliant.  Abi looked like a movie star, her hair and makeup was done by Alison Dunwell, an amazing stylist who works in London and Cornwall, and her dress was made by Kitty Askew who runs Kit’s Boutique in Falmouth, great job both of you! I had a very relaxed morning taking photos of Abi getting ready in her lovely room at Colan Barton, which is a beautiful venue for wedding receptions, and very convenient because it is literally right next to Colan Church where the ceremony took place at 1pm, so I didn’t even have to move the car, great!  So it should have been really easy for me to get up to the church well before Abi and take a few shots of Christian waiting and everyone else arriving at the church, but Christian had a surprise for Abi, he had arranged for a Tuk Tuk to give her and the rest of the family a lift!  So after taking some pictures of a surprised Abi, I raced up the hill ahead of the Tuk Tuk and arrived just in time to take a couple of very quick pictures of Abi and her brother Mark (who was giving her away) meeting the vicar, Chris McQuillen-Wright, before we all went in for the ceremony. I had not been to a one of Chris’s weddings before, I have to say it was unlike any other ceremony I’ve been to before, he was brilliant!  He managed to make the ceremony fun for everyone, without forgetting how important and meaningful the day was for Abi, Christian and not forgetting the extremely cute Marley, their little 3 year old boy, because it was his day too!  Chris was also very accommodating to me, letting me go wherever I needed to go in the church to get the best pictures, which was tricky because the church was so full, so a big thank you to Chris, I hope I get to photograph another one of your weddings soon! After the ceremony it was back to the lovely Colan Barton for some drinks and food and fun.  There where jugglers on stilts, space hoppers and a bouncy castle, so I got plenty of pictures of everyone enjoying themselves, particularly the little ones.  It was all pretty frantic, but I did find enough time to grab a baked potato from Al’s Tasty Tatties who were providing the food.  Then it was the speeches, everyone was very funny, but the two best men Rowan and Jack stole the show with their largely improvised double act, well done guys!  They were also very helpful in getting everyone together for the group shots earlier in the day, so thanks.  So at around 7pm I was ready to call it a day, but not before Christian had one more surprise up his sleeve, a fireworks display, excellent! A massive thank you to Abi and Christian, and their friends and families, they all made me feel very welcome, I hope you like the pictures!